The Department of Communications and Community Relations assists in the planning and implementation of recognition events as needed for students, staff or community partners. It also develops criteria and process for selection of district-wide staff and community partners in the annual Promise Awards and revise, if necessary. Communications and Community Relations also proposes district-wide staff and community partners annual Promise Award recipients to the superintendent.

Communications and Community Relations聽organizes and participates in the following annual events to recognize students, staff and community partners:

  • Good Apples (November, February, May)
  • Back to School Kick-off/Opening Event (Day before school starts)
  • Retirement Dinner (end of May/early June)
  • Promise Awards (February/March)
  • Staff Appreciation Week (second week in May)

School Year Recognition

American Education Week: mid-November
School Board Appreciation Month in Washington State: Every January
Staff Appreciation Week (Bellingham Public Schools): May 6 – 10, 2024