Bellingham Virtual Learning

Online options for Bellingham students

Through Bellingham Virtual Learning (BVL), students learn independently through an online curriculum with support from Bellingham Public Schools teachers and other staff.

BVL鈥痬ay be a good fit for鈥痵tudents鈥痶hat respond well to independent, self-paced learning.

Students enrolled in Bellingham Virtual鈥 Learning have access to Bellingham Public Schools鈥欌痳esources and support as well as their neighborhood school events, extracurricular activities, clubs and athletics.鈥疞ike all students in our district, BVL students have a district-issued laptop or other device to use for online classes.鈥

Generally, students will enroll in BVL by the second week of each semester and will remain enrolled for the semester. Students may transfer to another program or school in Bellingham Public Schools at the beginning of a new semester or grading term. Exceptions may be made at administrator discretion.

  • Students in grades K-12 access coursework on the听Imagine听Edgenuity platform.
  • K-8 students access Imagine Edgenuity by enrolling at the
  • 9-12 courses in BVL are accredited equivalent to (but is different from) most of the courses offered at our neighborhood schools. Please see the听high school handbook听and registration form for more information about the program and available courses.


For students in grades K-8, please contact Kate Baehr or 360-676-6470 ext. 6424
For students in grades 9-12,听please contact Kevin Terpstra.

Spokane Virtual Learning access

Some online classes are hosted through . For students enrolled in these courses, username is student ID number, and password is birthdate (mmddyyyy)

High school summer school through Edgenuity

Students in Bellingham Public Schools who will be in grades 9-12 may take free online courses during the summer for credit retrieval or limited credit ahead.

Please note: students entering ninth grade are limited to Tech Literacy and Health for credit ahead.

Summer school courses are accelerated, completing an 18-week class in a compressed 6-week time frame. For this reason, although the summer coursework is completed online, students need to attend in person at Options High School Monday through Thursday. More information about summer 2023 will be available in spring 2023.

BVL Contacts

High School BVL
Kevin Terpstra

Elementary and Middle School BVL
Kate Baehr
360-676-6470 ext. 6424


Bellingham Virtual Learning Flyer (PDF)

BVL Student & Family Handbook 2023-24
Updated March 2023


BVL (ALE) registration
Updated November 2023

BVL Course Catalog (Edgenuity)听听
Updated March 2023