Workshops and Presentations

REACH Workshop: Cultural Identity & Diversity | event has ended
The REACH framework assists staff members across school settings to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to value and respect each student in a culturally responsive manner.

Culturally Responsive Practice Training | event has ended

Participants will build awareness and understanding of culturally responsive teaching and the Ready for Rigor framework for instructional leaders in order to facilitate building level professional learning and collaborative inquiry/ coaching. Participants will be able to describe the Ready for Rigor framework and give examples for how the components of the framework can be actualized in their specific setting.

Introduction to Cultural Identity & Diversity |event has ended

This course will focus on equity and diversity, with a focus on how to recognize bias鈥 and address them productively. Participants will learn what it means to be culturally responsive in classrooms, the school, and the community.

Anti-Bias Training | event has ended

Emerge Strategic Designs supports the implementation of a bias response leadership team, supported by the district鈥檚 vision, mission, core beliefs, and key strategies. Increase bias awareness at the individual level. A) Advance praxis of personal identity development and explore influences and socialization. B) Identify inequity of privileges.

Alo-H膩: An Indigenous Epistemology to Navigate Anti-Racist Conversations

Alo-H膩: An Indigenous Epistemology to Navigate Anti-Racist Conversations | event has ended

With our society more dissonant than ever, we are facing the cataclysmic result of issues that are causing a collection of civic altercations, dogmatic contention, environmental catastrophe, and the disunion of community.

In this session, Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell will introduce the concept of Alo-H膩, Alo (Meaning: forward, facing each other) and H膩 (Meaning: Breath). When viewed through this expanded lens, Alo-H膩 takes on a more profound meaning than the simple greeting that we鈥檝e become accustomed to.

In conjunction, these two words, Alo and H膩 translates to meaning 鈥渟haring the breath of life.鈥 As we engage in deep listening and sharing of our stories, we transfer knowledge to one another through dialogue.听 We breathe these words to each other and create a new understanding of the world we live in: This is Alo H膩. The exchange of ideas, the resolution of conflict, the changing of perspectives and the evolution of our collective being.

This session should particularly benefit those who are seeking a different way to engage in challenging conversations. Integrating this indigenous pedagogy into classrooms and learning a new way of communicating will assist in shifting perspectives and transition difficult conversation from one of divide to one of healing.

Racial Battle Fatigue: Toxic Stress in our Schools | this event has ended

Racial battle fatigue (RBF) is a term coined by William A. Smith (2008).听 It鈥檚 origin was foundational to identifying and recognizing consistent and overlapping racialized experiences of Black people in the United States.听 Racial battle fatigue is directly connected to microaggressions, stereotype threat, and imposter syndrome based on race, class, gender, sexuality, language, citizenship status, disability status, and religious affiliation. The results are cumulative, toxic, and sometimes debilitating.听听 As educators, we can support our Black and Brown scholars in our classrooms by increasing our awareness, understanding, and advocacy within and outside existing systemic structures.听 In this course, experiential activities help us learn about RBF, small group conversations help us reflect on how RBF shows up for us, and connections increase our ability to apply this concept to our classrooms.

Radically empathetic compassion | this event has ended

Paraeducators play an essential role in integrating equity, diversity, and inclusion conceptually and through direct application in Bellingham Public Schools’ classrooms and buildings.听 Our community continues to grow and diversify, requiring culturally responsible and identity-based skills development.听 Paraeducators create positive and lasting relationships with students and families by making connections through individual experiences, educational knowledge, and effective communication.

The paraeducator training will focus on radical empathy and critical compassion, serving to build a consistent framework of student advocacy and support across the district.听 Paraeducators will bring their experience and knowledge to a conversation that incorporates equity and an understanding of school exclusion laws to collectively define radical empathy and critical compassion.