The classes listed below can be challenged and waived by students if they meet the criteria stipulated for each course:

  • 2410 Form-1 – High School Physical Education Waiver (Class of 2021 and Beyond)
  • 2410 Form-2 – High School Physical Education Waiver Activity Log
  • 2410 Form-3 – High School Physical Education Waiver
  • 2410 Form-4 – Alternatives for World Language
  • 2410 Form-5 – High School Math Waiver
  • 2410 Form-6 – Career and Technical Education Two-For-One Equivalency Credit for Graduation Requirement Waiver Request
  • 2415 Form: Credit Granted for Learning Experiences Conducted Outside of School
  • 2418 Form – Application for Waiver of High School Graduation Credits

The Health Course can be challenged by completion of specific performance tasks and a successful score on the Comprehensive Health Written Examination. The course equivalency process can be found in Policy 2410, Procedure 2410 P ԻForm 2410 F-1.