Below are frequently asked questions regarding our transfer process. Bellingham Public Schools has 22outstandingschools and a variety of special programs to meet the needs of our families and students.We are confidentٳ󲹳our families,ٳܻԳٲand staffmakestrong connections and build meaningful community, regardless of which school they attend.

Whether you are transitioning into elementary, middle or high school or changing schools due to new attendance areas, we believe each transition can be a positive experience.Our districtstaff,principals and school staff are here to assist you to help meet your child’s needs.

Can you explain the transfer request process?What are the considerations?

Requests for both in district (attendance area) and non-resident (out of district) transfers can be submitted beginning Feb. 15 for the following year.

Families who submit a transfer request between Feb. 15-March 1 will be notified of a decision by the end of March. Receiving transfer requests during this priority time period helps us to equitably plan for staffing at our schools. Transfer requests submitted after March 1 may not receive notification of a decision until right before or even up to the fifth day of the start of school based on enrollment, staffing and other factors.

Fill out and electronically or print and submit to the main office of the school you are requesting to attend.

Factors we consider whenmaking a decisionabout a transfer request include afinancial, educational, safety or health conditionaffecting the student; proximity to a parent’s place of work or childcare; parent/guardian is a district employee and other special circumstances.

Are there any factorsfamiliesshould be aware of before requesting a transfer?

  • Requests are approved based on space and capacity.
  • Families are responsible for their own transportation for transferred students.
  • Transfer requests are reevaluated every year and placementisnot guaranteed.

Because we need to evaluate enrollment numbers prior to accepting new transfers, transfer requests may be held for review in the fall (policy 3131). We may not be able to provide a response to a request until right before the start of the school year or up to the fifth day of school.Principals will determine the number of places available no later than the fifth day of school (procedure 3131).

My child has a sibling who attended the school in our old attendance area. Does that help my chances of getting my transfer request approved?

We consider siblings currently enrolled at a school and want to keep siblings together. However, if older siblingsno longer attend that school, it would not be a contributing factor for approval.