• Review and gain common understanding of Washington State鈥檚 Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE) standards and requirements.
  • Align current practices to new requirements.
  • Selection of materials as needed.
  • Create an implementation plan for aligned CSHE instruction.

Basis for Establishment:

  • Per state law, all public schools must begin providing or planning to provide comprehensive sexual health education (CSHE)聽to all students by the 2022-23 school year. Instruction must be consistent with聽, which provide a framework for comprehensive instruction, and the provisions of聽. See also Senate Bill 5395.

Decision-Making Process:

  • Review state screened, evidence-based curricula and through group consensus determine a recommendation for grades 4-12 for CSHE curriculum and instruction, in accordance with OSPI guidance.
  • This is an advisory group to the superintendent.

Plan of Work:

  • Establish committee norms and decision-making structures.
  • Review new legislation/requirements and standards for Sexual Health.
  • Review current practices, curricula and identify priorities.
  • Create and use evaluation tool for reviewing curricula.
  • Come to agreement on recommendation and rationale for curriculum selection for each grade band (grades 4-5, middle and high school).
  • Develop recommendations by grade band and review for vertical alignment.
  • Recommend specific lessons to be taught at each grade level.
  • Develop recommendations for teacher professional development, parent education opportunities, and communication with families, staff and community.



  • Ryan Jensema, Parent, Northern Heights, Squalicum
  • Crystal Garcia, Parent, Parkview, Whatcom, Bellingham
  • Julie Reimann, Parent, Kulshan, Bellingham
  • Jim Graham, Community Member, Fairhaven, Sehome
  • Megan Cooper, Community Member, Kulshan, Bellingham
  • Michael Graham, Student, Sehome
  • Haruna Aileen Gardner, Elementary Teacher, Parkview Counselor
  • Andrea Quigley, Elementary Teacher
  • Katelin Tremonte, Middle School Teacher, Shuksan
  • Tanya Peckler, Middle School Teacher, Fairhaven
  • Sidney Balfour, Middle School Teacher, Shuksan
  • Kerry Harrison, High School Teacher, Squalicum
  • Ryan Smith, High School Teacher, Sehome
  • Megan Johnson, High School Teacher, Bellingham
  • Doriane Gunnels, High School Teacher, Options
  • Nikki Lockhart, Middle School Admin
  • Laurel Peak, Director of Teaching & Learning, Athletics and Activities
  • Kim Niederhauser, Director of Health Services

Ex-officio Members:

  • Co-facilitator: Charisse Berner, Director for Teaching and Learning, Curriculum & Professional Learning
  • Co-facilitator: Christine Hagstrom, Consultant, Cardea Services/WA Prep
  • Trina Hall, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Dana Smith, Assistant Director of Communications


  • Attend meetings.
  • Complete independent work between meetings.
  • Act as a representative for selected group, including sharing information and collecting feedback.
  • Give recommendation and rationale during consensus process.


  • Weekly, 4 鈥 5:30 p.m. (4:30-6:30 p.m. for in person meetings)
  • Tuesdays, March 15 鈥 May 10
  • Primarily virtual, with select meetings in person for ease of processing.
  • Updated May 2022: the timeline for the task force was extended to fall 2022. Please see April 26 meeting notes for more information.
  • Final meeting September 13

Budget Implications:

  • Costs for compensation of certificated staff for task force participation outside of contracted day (or sub release if within contracted day), Estimate $8500, from existing DT&L budget.
  • This task force will result in a recommendation that would include a budget proposal for the:
    • Purchase of curricular materials for grades 4-12, as need is determined, Amount TBD, possible ABL request.
    • Costs of professional development for teachers to support implementation, within existing DT&L budget.


  • Task Force will be facilitated by Christine Hagstrom, Cardea Services.
  • Implementation to take place for the 2022-23 school year.